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Called “the app you can bring home to mom,” Distinc.tt brought the first app to the LGBTQ market that Apple approved for users ages 12+.

From initial concept to final product, I helped form the company as Creative Director, shaping the user experience and design of the the world's first non-hook-up oriented LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning) app approved for ages 12+. An adapted identity, advertising, application, website, and social media presence were just a few of the items in my purview.


Complete design of Distinc.tt’s apps, website, social media presence, and event graphics.


  • Concept
  • UX Design
  • Visual Design
  • Social Media Visuals
  • App Interface

Press Mentions

  • WSJ
  • HuffPost
  • TechCrunch

iOS App

The Distinc.tt native iOS app was designed to allow users to quickly and easily find each other based on interest, planned event attendance, distance, and other data points. Building the user interface from the ground up allowed us to break from what other apps were doing at the time. By diverging from the 'grid' interface, distinc.tt's interface sought to provide a more carefully thought-out experience which allowed for a more thoughtful display of user statistics and other personal qualities.

distinc.tt activity feed on white iPhone

Our competition and the drive to be different.

When we first conceived the idea in 2012, location-based applications were still in their infancy. There were several dating apps that used location to help users better connect, but these were almost exclusively for dating and casual encounters. I and the other founders sought to create a service for where LGBTQ individuals could go to meet each other, plan events, coordinate activities and explore their world. The goal was to shift attention away from adult encounters and provide a forum where everyone could interact without harassment and engage in a way commensurate with their individual level of comfort.

distinctt's non-competitors
Forget “Binders of Women*”
These LGBTQ apps all have grids of people. From left-to-right:
Growlr, Grindr, Wapa, and Hornet.
distinc.tt connect screen

The app was designed to facilitate more quality encounters via a more refined and simplified experience. In contrast to other apps that provided a grid of users' faces with little information, the Distinc.tt app listed users in modules that allotted more space for a user’s overview status among other information.

The result: the first LGBTQ app to be approved for Apple’s app rating of Ages 12+

Distinc.tt Various Screens
Distinc.tt Various Screens
Distinc.tt Various Screens
Distinc.tt Various Screens
Distinc.tt Various Screens
Distinc.tt Various Screens

Helping users connect through Explore & Guides

To further help users find meaningful connections in friends, group activities, and dates, we added an explore section local guides. Explore is comprised ofLGBT-friendly points of interest, businesses, and events. Guides took this a step further with local experts continually curating and refining lists of their favorite interests,events coming up, bars, clubs, and museums.

distinc.tt app

Press Mentions

As one of the first apps of its kind, Distinc.tt has been widely covered and heralded as a pioneer for connect LGBTQ communities and for cutting through the clutter of other existing social and connection apps.

“A tool to help the gay community find fun and interesting local activities”

“In a different league from its randier counterparts…”

“The only gay social app approved for ages 12 and up.”

“The gay app you can bring home to mom.”

Distinc.tt Status Update Screen
Distinc.tt Press Logos

“You could say the best design of this site is the design you don't see.”

Distinc.tt App, Site, and Promo