With careful and thorough planning with their site’s redesign, Dialogue Qualitative Analytics' new site is a breath of fresh air.

Dialogue Qualitative Analytics is a market analytics company that focuses on human-centered aspects of analysis. They came to me to create a simple, single page but information-rich website. After extensive research along with many interviews and iterations, we developed a site rich in iconography and photography.




  • Iconography
  • Branding Update
  • Social Media
  • Visuals
  • Instagram Integration

Beautiful across devices

One of the main requirements for the new site was for the design to adjust depending on the size of the screen. The resulting responsive design ensures that information is delivered clearly and elegantly from a small phone to a large cinematic display.

Dialogue Website on iPad Dialogue Website on iPad
Dialogue Website on iPhone Screen

Bringing unique stories and unusual techniques to their methodology

Qualitative research gathers information that is not in numerical form. For example, diary accounts, open-ended questionnaires, unstructured interviews and unstructured observations. Qualitative data is typically descriptive data and as such is harder to analyze than quantitative data. As such, it was important to illustrate their various techniques in an easily-digestible manner. What better way than through iconography?

Dialogue ivconography representing different methodologies Style Guide by Josh Garcia
Dialogue Various Screens
Dialogue Various Screens
Dialogue Various Screens
Dialogue Various Screens
Dialogue Style Guide
Dialogue Art Directed Shot